The ups and downs of foreigner living in Japan

The very first time I set foot on this land, it seems I was  funished by Gods and was thrown to a distant planet in the outer space. I can’t relate to everything. The television programs that I was watching are all uncomprehensible. The FM radio programs are much worst because its more on talk show on radio rather  than an FM radio that supposed to play  music. Not to mention the coldness of this place. My Japanese wife used to subscribed a daily local newspaper, it too are all impossible to read. perhaps even for the old time foreigners, reading a Japanese newspaper is a head ache. I can’t even go for a walk by myself without my wife ‘coz every corner of the streets are all signed in Japanese. I can never have to talk to when ever my wife is gone for work and I felt going crazy if I continued to stay. So I thought of going back to my original roots and restart my life there. But before the thoughts has been consumated, it was in time that this company, which my wife was employed is needing a hands to compensate for the failing due dates of massive workjobs that constantly pouring in. My wife introduced me to her boss and I was immediately hired. From that day, the way I look to Japanese and and all aspects of its society has changed. Before I came here I had a lot of negative thoughts about Japan, maybe its because of the effect of history class in old school. That negative thoughts instantly vanished like a soap bubble in the air.

One of the main component for its disappearance is the boss, the company president. He’s so down to earth and has a very nice persona. He completely trusted me to join his company without even looking for my resume or digging my backgrounds, just by being a spouse of a Japanese citizen is enough for him to hire me.

Secondly, a same newly hired young woman quickly befriended me and since I don’t understand that much of a Japanese language, every thing,  she kindly and slowly explained it for  me to understand. Every day she patiently introduced me to some basic words that are frequently used in daily basis, specially in our job’s related vocabulary which are really neccesary for me to do well. Maybe if I was not married, I might fall for her for all she has done for me. As days, weeks, months and years gone by, everythings goes smoothly and  my vocabulary, pronounciation and self confidence developed as well until she left to settle her own family. My boss gave me his old car, maybe not that old. its just only six years old but since he is buying a new one it is considered “his old”. So I was forced to  get my drivers license by enrolling in a driving school. All examination are in japanese but I’ve  taken it one time only without retaking any one of its six examinations. It was on christmas day so I considered it a gift from Jesus and God.

Everybody in the company contributed for what I am now. They too, taught me how to adopt the japanese way of life. Even introduced me to a Kyabakura, which at first time I heard that word I thought it was a sex den, but it’s not.  They are all nice people and mild mannered but sometimes, as a person and as a human being, maybe?! they have all different disgusting and annoying behaviour. sometimes being a racist shows too. I find out that not all japanese are neat and cleanly to their workplaces, they don’t clean their workplace that much. some threat me as one of them, just like a japanese and some still threat me a foreigner which by the way I am. Its not a big deal, as long as they dont pulling my leg.

Just like anybody else that patiently do their jobs well, I was permanently hired, and with that, the Japanese government rendered me a permanent visa that lead me to dream more of owning a house and a car. I built a house,  and to this day we are living in it happily with my wife and four kids, fishes and a dog, and after a year I bought my very own car. good day to all!!!!

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